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Reconversion of an old industrial building and refresh the waterfront of Belgrad by connecting the upper Park to the river
arh. Alexandru Odaianu
arh. Dragos Teodorovici
arh. Claudia Bingol

The movement and the aestetics of the design recalls natural symbols like water falls, liquidity, a sort of some giant water living beings lying on the shore. It's also recalling manmade symbols like the succesion of the citadel's old walls which we attend to continue. So, we create democratic smooth walls which invite everybody for a walk through them. Water is present on top of one of the building-walls and it runs fron the top, near the Promenada of the existing Park and goes down to become a waterfall in the center of the Beton Hala - the new cultural space on the river's waterfront. By creating these 3 ramps, the connection between the upper Park and the waterfront is soft and available for everybody. The geometry of the ramps is changing as you go down. First, they are like some alleys from the park and then become buildings accomodating different cultural activities- art galleries, museums, cofee shops and info points, a large plazza and a generous promenade along the river.

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